The Plant Science Edge

Decoding Ayurveda with 21st Century Technology

Atrimed’s mission to screen, digitize and verify traditional Ayurveda knowledge has been an incredible journey.

Apart from years of sample collection and plant ingredient isolation, Atrimed also employs teams of linguistic experts to help decode ancient Ayurveda text books, as Ayurveda is a codified knowledge base.

India’s Best Engineers Are In Biotechnology

We are pioneering formats for automating and unlocking the potential of Ayurveda -- this great database of knowledge.

Atrimed today is the proud owner of the world’s largest library of plant-based ingredients – a fact recognized and applauded by the international scientific community and governments alike.

Atrimed has always been on the cutting-edge of biotechnological research and development.  

Thanks to years of investments in state-of-the-art infrastructure and the best talent, Atrimed is today a pioneer and industry authority on advanced phytology.

The recent installation of the Schrodinger Bio-Suite Software Solution has revolutionized the speed at which we are able to research plants via proprietary simulation. Our chemistry labs are fully equipped.

With right vision and technology, Atrimed now seeks to revive and rescue endangered plants through lab-cultivation programs-a highly neglected field of research and conservation that seeks to preserve India’s rich heritage of plant-based solutions.